Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy :

  1. The company maintains all the information provided by the customer in addition to the information that the system maintains, such as protocols and cookies, and uses the best means and technologies to preserve and protect them.
  2. Shasha is entitled to retain, use, and analyze data for the following purposes:
  • Properly providing the service, monitoring it, and following it up
  • Customer service, support, and assistance
  • Service development and improvement
  • Doing statistics or studies
  • Share offers and any updates or information
  • Marketing campaigns, such as using the customer’s logo and advertising materials related to it after displaying it on screens to promote Shasha’s services
  • Legal or security necessities and this includes any official requirements to protect Shasha, its customers, suppliers, or partners.

This shall be done through the company directly or whoever it authorizes on its behalf.

      3. Shasha does not keep any information or data related to the accounts or bank cards of customers. We are using a third-party service that uses the best standards of reliability and security in the payment process. To review the security policies used by partners:

  • HyperPay service for payment via bank or credit card:

  • (Efa’a) service for payment via SADAD

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