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Shasha is the first platform in Saudi the connects advertisers directly to the available digital screens in the most crowded locations. Shasha is making advertising Out-Of-Home (“OOH”) simple and affordable In the era where attention has become a very precious and rare resource, OOH is becoming more important to catch people's attention with this high trustable channel. We are working on giving the opportunity to all enterprises and brands, regardless of the size, to be on the stage of their local community.

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You can choose the location(s) you are targeting and the timing for the campaign, without paying extra money for unneeded service. We are connecting you directly with the space owners, so no extra or intermediaries fees are available


We are working hard to make the process simple and your experience exceptional. You can on your own in few minutes with few steps, create your campaign fully online.


Thousands of ads are seen by individuals daily and that increases individual’s distraction due to advertisements that seen at home via electronic devices, TV, and Out-Of-Home (OOH) ads such as billboards on roads and in malls.  With the increase of distractions, the importance of being in your targeted segments' minds has been increased. We are giving the opportunity for all businesses to get the chance of engaging with the community and being visible to them.

Make your business/product/brand visible for thousands now

Add OOH advertising to your marketing channels and see the difference in the brand trust and reach

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