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Why is advertising important?

It is estimated that thousands of ads are seen by individuals daily ( from 4,000-10,000 ads in the USA). With the increase of inputs, the importance of having ads continuously before the customers' eyes also increases to enable your brand to compete and get market share through being on the top of the targeted segments’ minds.

What is Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising?

Millions of people spend many hours outdoors either on the way to work, shopping, or for entertainment purposes. Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising targets these individuals during their time outdoors through screens and billboards that the public can see on roads, malls, or cars.

What are the benefits of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising?

It is usual to see OOH advertisements for large international brands such as McDonald's, Apple, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. Even digital advertising companies such as Facebook and Google are on the list with these companies that are among the top spenders on OOH ads. The telecommunications sector represents the highest spend locally on OOH advertising. OOH advertising increases customers’ confidence and trust because it gives credibility to your brand, unlike other channels in which any person or entity can advertise even if the company or advertisement is illegitimate.

Why should I advertise Out-Of-Home (OOH) and not through other mediums?

OOH advertisement does not represent a substitute for the other means of advertising but it is complementary to it. Its main role is to create a highly reliable means, and its impact is sustainable, unlike campaigns that are carried out through other means, whose effect usually is only temporary. OOH advertisement is also characterized by being difficult to pass. Unlike many other channels that most individuals avoid and try to overcome because it is annoying or distracting, it can’t be ignored. According to some international studies, about 80% of people view OOH ads intentionally (Nielsen, USA, 2018).

What is Shasha?

Shasha is a platform the connects advertisers directly to the available digital screens in the most crowded locations. Our goal is to give All businesses the opportunity to be on the stage of their local community. Shasha is bringing the experience of digital advertising to the offline advertising by allowing advertising Out-Of-Home (“OOH”) simply and at affordable prices.

Why to advertise through Shasha?

Shasha provides various offerings that suit your needs. You can advertise OOH through Shasha easily by having the ability to book according to the target location and time with affordable prices. The process is facilitated through a website that enables you to know all the details needed to make an advertising campaign on your own within minutes.

How can I book an ad with Shasha?

You can do this easily and within minutes through our website, where all the needed information is available. You can contact us at any stage if you encounter any problem or if there are any inquiries.

Where are the screens available?

Currently covering the Eastern Province, you can access the locations through this link https://app.shasha.io/create-campaign Soon we will be available in more locations and cities.

How many people will see my ad?

The locations are carefully chosen to install our screens, to ensure that they are viewed by the largest possible number of visitors. The numbers vary depending on the location. For example, outdoor screens have much higher views compared to indoor screens. On the other hand, indoor screens give better targeting to certain demographics.

What is the shortest period for a campaign?

The minimum period for the advertisement is one week in a single location. It includes a 10-second ad that is repeated every 100 seconds maximum, to ensure that it is viewed by the largest possible number of visitors. The ad  is repeated more than 4,000 times and for a total of 40,000 seconds during the week.

What is the ad duration and the frequency?

The advertisement period is 10 seconds, and your ad appears once every 100 seconds maximum. As for annual subscriptions, the advertisement will appear every 200 seconds maximum.

What is the yearly subscription?

The annual advertisement focuses on continuity and stability for a long time instead of intensity for a short time, since it allows your ad to be permanently present in front of thousands of people, which leads to engrave your brand and message in their minds so that it becomes the first destination for them when they need a service or product. This subscription also allows you to pay on a monthly basis at lower rates than weekly or monthly campaigns. Shasha gives you high flexibility through the ability to change the advertisement to deliver multiple messages during the subscription period, and you can stop your subscription at any time.

What is the duration and frequency of an annual ad?

The annual ad focuses on continuity for a long time rather than intensity for a short time. Therefore, the advertisement appears for a period of 10 seconds, once every 200 seconds maximum, in the event of an annual subscription.

Are there any offers or discounts?

The packages are designed to be suitable for all enterprises and their needs, as the packages are divided into:
  • Continuous and long-term packages aimed at continuity and presence in the minds of customers
  • Intensive packages that are suitable for seasonal campaigns or launching new products, services, or opening new branches.
Shasha also allows high flexibility, whether by stopping and changing ads in packages or through the ability to reserve a flexible number of weeks and locations as needed. Note that prices generally decrease when choosing packages for a longer period and in more places, and if you want to design a package that is not available, you can contact us via advertise@shasha.io

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